E2 Consulting has a wealth of skills and knowledge to apply research and analysis to carry out competency development projects working with clients to understand their needs thereby increasing organisational performance and capability. E2 Consulting is experienced in conducting independent research and analysis into industry and workplace issues, leading to successful goal outcomes, some of these have been recognised as best in class and nationally published as case studies. The E2 Consulting approach is based on working collaboratively with each client, and developing a thorough understanding of organisational behaviour, attitudes and issues faced at all levels.


Be it in working in situations experiencing change or more established working environments, E2 Consulting are able to provide consultation and facilitation services that enable employees and key stakeholders to … more


E2 Consulting has a background comprising over 20 years as experienced trainers and instructional designers to develop and customise your training and assessments materials and programs to … more


Aligning with your organisational strategy E2 Consulting will integrate with your business workforce planning and strategic frameworks to develop and progress workforce initiatives that will assist to meet corporate goals. A clear workforce development plan will … more


E2 Consulting has extensive expertise in carrying out skills and knowledge needs analysis of workforces to assist organisations to understand their skill levels and capacities to attain strategic targets. Our consultants have wide expertise in … more